Drug Showcase

ADEMPAS (riociguat)

For chronic hypertension.

AURYXIA (ferric citrate)

For control of serum phosphorus levels in patients with chronic kidney disease on dialysis.

CORLANOR (ivabradine)

For heart failure.

ENVARSUS XR® (tacrolimus extended-release tablets)

For the prophylaxis of organ rejection.

FARXIGA™ (dapagliflozin)

For type 2 diabetes mellitus.

GLYXAMBI® (empagliflozin and linagliptin)

for glycemic control of type 2 diabetes mellitus.

INVOKANA™ (canagliflozin)

For glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

JARDIANCE (empagliflozin)

For type 2 diabetes mellitus.

MYRBETRIQ™ (mirabegron)

For the treatment of overactive bladder.

NATESTO (testosterone)

For hypogonadism.

OPSUMIT® (macitentan)

For pulmonary arterial hypertension.

ORENITRAM (treprostinil)

For pulmonary arterial hypertension.

OSENI™ (alogliptin/pioglitazone)

For glycemic control in type 2 diabetes mellitus.

SAXENDA (liraglutide injection)

This slideshow reviews drug information for SAXENDA (liraglutide [rDNA origin] injection) indicated for chronic weight management.

TANZEUM (albiglutide)

For type 2 diabetes.

TRIFERIC® (ferric pyrophosphate citrate) solution

For iron replacement in CKD patients on hemodialysis.

TRULICITY (dulaglutide)

For type 2 diabetes mellitus.

VENOFER (iron sucrose injection)

For anemia in chronic kidney disease.

XOFIGO® (radium Ra 223 dichloride)

For metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer.

ZERBAXA (ceftolozane and tazobactam)

For complicated UTIs, including pyelonephritis, and intra-abdominal infections.

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