Live Coverage From ICS 2018

Live coverage from the 2018 International Continence Society Annual Meeting in Philadelphia.

Infection and Vitamin D in Dialysis

Meta-analysis reveals a 39% decreased risk of any infection among patients on long-term dialysis who have high or normal vitamin D levels.

Aquablation Safe, Effective in LUTS Sufferers ...

Significant improvements in symptoms, peak flow rate, and post-void residual volume observed in men with prostate volumes of 80 to 150 cc.

PCa Active Surveillance for Younger Men

Younger men with prostate cancer are less likely to experience Gleason score upgrading and pathologic progression on repeat biopsy.

Benefits of Correcting Metabolic Acidosis

Oral sodium bicarbonate treatment was associated with improved lean body mass and kidney function in patients with metabolic acidosis due to CKD stages 3 and 4.

Boosting Revenue by Seeing More—or Fewer—Patients

Medical practices have a variety of strategies they can employ to boost revenue.

An Underappreciated Vulnerability: Medical Devices

Hackers' attempts to steal data could lead to malfunction of MRI machines, implantable defibrillators, insulin pumps, and other devices.

How to Deal With 'Difficult' Patients

Clinicians can manage their emotions and behaviors to meet the challenges of working productively with sometimes abrasive and argumentative patients.

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